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ITALY: Balotelli Calls Out First Black Senator's Win On Ani-immigrant Policy Shameful

By Published March 08, 2018

The election of Nigerian Italian, Toni Iwobi as a senator may be a first, the anti-immigrant League party on whose platform he achieved the feat may be lost on many but not Footballer, Mario Balotelli.

Balotelli made his disgust on Toni Iwobi and his party which has made the stopping of Africa migrant “invasion” across the Mediterranean was shared on Instagram - "Maybe I'm blind or perhaps they have not told him yet that he is black. But shame!!!" the son of a Ghanaian immigrant wrote.

Toni Iwobi in response to Balotelli told a radio station: “I’d rather ignore him and concentrate on my constituency and new job.”

Toni Iwobi is a member of the staunchly anti-immigrant League party whose leader Matteo Salvini, is vying to become the next prime minister and has pledged to expel half a million migrants.

Iwobi, 62, said there is no contradiction in his membership of the Right-wing League, arguing that the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have crossed from Libya to Italy in the last four years are unauthorized arrivals.

By contrast, he came to Italy legally on a student visa in 1976 and eventually obtained citizenship.

“There are two types of immigration – that which is legal, which we welcome, and that which is clandestine and a crime. Why allow in all these poor people if you cannot guarantee their future?” he said.

During the election campaign, he was appointed the party’s spokesman on immigration and security and campaigned under the slogan “Stop the invasion”.

Concern over immigrants and security propelled the party to 17% of the vote – quadruple what it won at the last general election in 2013.

It is now the senior partner in a centre-Right coalition which won 37 per cent of the vote, against the 32 per cent won by the anti-establishment Five Star Movement.

“Friends, it is with great emotion that I can inform you that I have been elected a senator. After 25 years of battles within the great family of The League, another great adventure is about to begin,” Iwobi announced his election victory on Facebook.

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