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Her Nigerian father and Irish mother met as students at Cambridge University in 1947 at a time of racial inequality, being black and Irish meant the odds were stacked against baby Elizabeth, so much so she was given up for adoption at birth.

That ‘odd’ union inspired the title of Professor Elizabeth Nneka Anionwu’s memoir ‘Mixed blessing from Cambridge union’ which has enjoyed raving reviews since its release in september 2016, The year was capped with the outstanding Nurse making the 2017 honours list of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Emeritus Professor of Nursing, University of West London, Dame Elizabeth Nneka Anionwu is a national nursing pioneer in every respect: - 

Have you met or experienced a ‘Performance Coach’? In our politically correct obsessed world where every day occupational title is jazzed up, where personnel manager became HR, good old secretary is now administrative assistant even the bin man now go by the title of recycling operative.

You'll understand when our #GameChanger introduced himself as a performance coach after a chance meeting and i instantly  concluded, he is a motivational speaker who have cleverly adopted another highfalutin official title but at the end of  our captivating interview, I was left with no doubt that he is truly in the business of changing lives. Excepts

He is the preacher’s son from Peckham, south London, one of the latest addition to JJ Abram’s new box office record breaking Star Wars film. This 23-year-old Nigerian actor has been shot from obscurity to superstardom with his role as Stormtrooper Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Michael Lewis arrived united kingdom with no dime to his name, though armed with a degree in computer science, he ended up as a security guard, he went on to build C.T Guard UK Ltd - a leading security company that today employ  a handful of people of different races and background. He had a sit down with our editor ‘Ladi Taiwo for #Gamechangers, sharing his story as well as his plans to replicate the business module in Nigeria. Excerpts:

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