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Two days after accepting to host the 2019 Academy Awards, comedian Kevin Hart has been forced to step down from the role following an anti-gay comments he made on social media 10 years ago.

Paris is closed to tourist this weekend as more than shops, museums, theatre including the city’s famed Eiffel Tower will be closed to public this weekend as authorities anticipate rioting despite government withdrawing the contentious fuel tax that started the "yellow vest" protest.

It’s a season to spread cheer and in Atlanta, Georgia, shoppers in two locations of Walmart got an early Christmas cheer when Actor/producer Tyler Perry shell our $434k to pay for shopper’s groceries.

Tennis star, Boris Becker’s hurried arrangement to secure a diplomatic appointment in the Central African Republic to secure diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy has fell through forcing the former No1 to drop his controversial ‘ambassadorial’ appointment claim.

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